Why Choose Resolute Capital?

The deals we fund provide opportunities for investors to preserve capital investments, collect consistent cash distributions, and build equity through future capital appreciation of the assets.
Whitinger Capital Acquisition


  • Growth markets with strong employment and demographic trends
  • Collaborate with experienced partners with proven track records of success
  • Perform comprehensive due diligence and create a business plan to increase income and valuation
Whitinger Capital Reposition


  • Rehab interiors/exteriors in the first 12-18 months
  • Re-brand the property to attract higher quality tenants and higher rents
Whitinger Capital Refinance


  • Have property appraised and look to capitalize on the newly created value
  • Return a significant piece of investors’ capital back to them
Whitinger Capital Cash Flow

Cash Flow

  • Professional property management team continues daily operations while investors enjoy the benefits of owning a high yielding tax-efficient asset.
  • Investors receive quarterly property updates along with their net income distributions
Whitinger Capital Disposition


  • Monitor the market and look for an opportunistic sale of the property to meet or exceed investor expectations

Interested Investors